Congratulations on your engagement!

Arise Church is excited to assist you in planning your big day. For more information about what Arise Church offers, continue reading down below. 

If you would like to request to use Arise Church to host a wedding or would like to request a pastor to officiate, please contact our church office by sending us an email or giving us a call at

 (605) 622-0412. 

Pre-Marital Counseling

In preparation for marriage, Arise Church requires all persons being married by one of our pastors to go through pre-marital counseling course. This is to help give each pair the tools, techniques, and advice to build a strong and lasting marriage with one another. 

The course is composed of 8 (60-90 min.) sessions lead by an Arise Church pastor. 

Hosting a wedding at arise church

Once you have contacted our church office to schedule a wedding at Arise Church, our team will notify you if that date is available.

If the date is approved, you will then get scheduled for a consultation with the Church Coordinator who will be able to walk you through options and expectations for use of the facility.